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Default Re: Greg Popovich Agrees That NBA Champions Are Not The "World Champions"

Originally Posted by niko
Japan has a baseball league so no, that doesn't work. BTW, this is Popovich. You know he got a stupid question so he was being saracastic, right?

And Euroleague, when there was a lockout, and people might have been interested in European BBall, all you did was act like a ****ing idiot and explain to us how American players would suck. Well, we heard you, didn't care and now the NBA is back. So just go away. NO ONE CARES. Do you see me in EPL threads arguing how underrated the Russian League is?

Well, if 3 countries play a sport professionally, it must be huge.

But he's right you aren't world champions if youve played teams from 2 countries. Premier League is the best football league in the world, are Manchester United World Champions? No, Barca (and Spain, I guess) are.
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