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Originally Posted by Rake2204
I run the same drill.

Oh man, the first club I took over win was winless in 7th grade (A & B teams). After I took over. . .they went winless in 8th grade too. I stuck with them though. They loved the game. I'd work with them every summer, we'd play ball at the park all day, I'd coach them throughout high school until eventually. . .their senior year. . .in the district championship game. . .in overtime. . .against a team that'd beaten them by 30 earlier in the season. . .in our own gym. . .seven seconds left. . .down by one. . .magic:

News Footage:

Proudest moment of my life. Just like teaching, it's moments like this that make it all worth it.

Seeing players you've helped in any capacity improve and have success is the absolute most rewarding thing I've ever done, e.g. beating a team that has been a rival and besting them for most of their careers, especially in the most important games; winning a championship; just playing so damn well, etc. I always feel so happy for the players. On the other side of things, the worst is when they work so damn hard and fall just short of winning the Provincial Championship (our equivalent of your State tourney). They put so much time in, and then it's over. It makes you realize how every little thing has to lineup for you to be the last team standing at the end of the season. It also makes you realize sports are a cruel b*tch at times.

Kudos to you and your players on the District Championship and that amazing moment.

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