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Default Confidence

I have real issues playing "my game" when I'm gettin evaluated. The latest account of that is today at practice:

I was playing one-on-one versus our best player, and it was actually competetive. He's 6-4 - 6-5 with crazy hops and the strength of a bull; I'm 6-1(6-2 big max), less athletic, and much smaller. Styll I was hitting him with the smitty, the dream shake, and EVEN THE INCREDIBLE JEREMY LIN REVERSE LAY-UP... that is, until the coach showed up. Many people missed practice for different reasons so we were just messing around and the coach would leave the gym and come back. Everytime he left I would go off, and when he came back I would start fumbling the ball, hesitating, and just not play my game and mess up. Not just versus that one guy, but when we were playing 3v3 also.

That's just one anecdote that reflects my whole life basically. I know I have the talent and the dedication. I've always been superior to my peers. But, somehow, when it comes to "real games" I always disappoint.

I'm tired of that. My lack of game confidence may be linked to my lack of real life confidence, I don't know, but I wanna get rid of it.

Thank you in advance.

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