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Default Noah, Durant and Oden

Kevin Durant-
Rookie- 14 PPG 4.1 RPG
Prime- 23 PPG 7 RPG
NBA Comparison-Rashard Lewis
Thoughts:People are overrating this kid. They are talking about how he is going to be up there with LeBron, Carmelo, and TMac, but he isn't athletic, or rugged enough to be up there. He has a terrific jumper, but he doesn't post up as well as he should. I don't think that the fact that he's skinny is going to be a problem, but he's going to be a one dimensional player. He's like a better version of Adam Morrisson, in the NBA.

Greg Oden-
Rookie- 8 PPG 6 RPG 1.5 BPG
Prime- 19 PPG 12 RPG 3 BPG
NBA Comparison-Alonzo Mourning, Tim Duncan.
Thoughts: Greg Oden is just as good as advertised. He fouls way too much, but hey, that's a big man for ya. He is a terrific rebounder, and shot blocker. He can hold his own on the offensive end, and this kid's potential is just unlimited. If he enters the draft this year, I would be shocked if anybody picks Kevin Durant over him.

Joakim Noah
Rookie- 5 PPG 4 RPG
Prime- 11 PPG 11 RPG 2 BPG
NBA Comparison-Kurt Thomas, Udonis Haslem.
Thoughts: Very, very overrated. He's a terrific role player, he's never going to be a superstar. He brings a lot of energy to the floor, as well as intense defense and rebounding. However, he can't score very well, and I doubt that is going to change when he hits the NBA. He is a better version of Kurt Thomas, but he isn't going to be a 17 PPG scorer by any stretch of the imagination.

Any thoughts, opinions, criticism out there? Project your own stats for these three guys.
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