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Default Re: Wilt Chamberlain free throw dunks:

Originally Posted by Asukal
Look, I don't question Wilt's greatness, I believe he is one of if not the best player to ever play basketball. I am not of his era so I didn't watch any of his games. I question the inconsistency of Wilt's claim to Tex's statement just to prove to jlauber that Wilt is not innocent of exaggerating his tales. MY GOD! Jlauber believes Wilt is a better FT shooter than Hakeem because he made more free throws!

First of all, I have NEVER claimed that Wilt was a better FT shooter than Hakeem. However, Hakeem, himself was BELOW average. Let's not make him out like a Yao Ming here. So, a 70% FT shooter is somewhat better than a 50% shooter. BUT, Wilt's IMPACT at the LINE, was dramatically better than his percentage. He put opposing players and TEAMs in foul trouble, and he and his teammates benefitted in a variety of ways because of it.
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