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Default Re: Wilt Chamberlain free throw dunks:

Originally Posted by CavaliersFTW
Wilt long-jumped 22'8" as a PR... no it wasn't standing it was running. Don't let misinformation kill everything.

He also had a PR of 46' 2.5" as a freshman at KU Relays for the triple jump (ineligible to place however, due to age)

He Triple Jumped 45' 9" as a sophomore for 3rd place at KU Relays
High Jumped 6'6 to tie for first place.

High Jumped 6'6.25 at Drake Relays for first place

High Jumped 6'5 at Kansas State Big-Seven tournament and won first place

And his Junior season:
High Jumped 6'6.75" at Kansas State Big-Eight indoor track tournament and won first place

When Wilt's athleticism claims get out of hand is what causes people to think "none of it" was true. Don't belive the 22 foot standing long jump bullshit. But don't dismiss the ACTUAL accountable events that happened either.

22' feet isn't very far for the long jump. UCLA has a wide receiver who can break 24'

I can't find any reliable sources about his long jumps but many places claim he could triple jump over 50'. Mike Connelly Sr. owns the world record for triple jump at 58' 3.25". He was able to 2 handed slam from 5' 7" behind the free throw line with a full court running start. I'm not saying Wilt wasn't a beast, I'm sure he could do something similarly impressive. But lets not go and believe everything.

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