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Default Re: Projecting Olympic Rosters

Originally Posted by chains5000
Mumbrú retired from the national team, it's not Scariolo's fault (this time).

F*cking Leo Mainoldi always kills us in the ACB league.

Yeah, I am sure Mainoldi would be in Argentina's team over a mid tier NCAA player like Juan Fernandez.

Grinder hyped Biyombo a lot in this forum. Biyombo was the secondary option at power forward to Mainoldi on their team in ACB. It's funny, Biyombo was hyped by Gridner on this board, but the guy who played over him in the rotation can't even get on Argentina's team over a guy that plays at Temple University?

Mainoldi is a damn good player.

I didn't realize Mumbru retired from the team. I thought he still wanted to play. Oh well, yeah, I guess Scariolo has an excuse for that then.
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