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Default Re: Projecting Olympic Rosters

Originally Posted by chains5000
Rodriguez's got bad press, and I don't think there's a single post in all the Internet not dishing him now.
Rafa Martínez is a good player, but he's been too irregular this season till Valencia's coach got fired. With Perasovic on board he's been better and could have a chance.
That said, IMO players who have already played for the NT and know the "stars", got a better chance of making the team.
That's why I think Raúl López's could be there. He played for Spain, played for Scariolo (with the NT and Khimki), is having a great season (outplaying Jackson), and knows his role as backup PG. Would be a great fit IMO.

I would take Lopez over Rodriguez also. I think Spain should also consider as you said Sergi Vidal. He is a lot bigger two guard than Llull is and he would make a lot more sense defensively. Ever since Berni Rodriguez left the team they have not had any defensive option with size at two guard.

In the case of Spain though, I keep reading this talk about Llull playing point guard since Rubio is out. That is just comical to me. If Scariolo is dumb enough to play Llull as Calderon's backup then he is just incompetent.

I also heard from someone recently that Real Madrid played Llull at point guard this year because he asked them to since the Rockets asked it for him to play PG, if he wanted to have a chance to sign with them. So Llull staying with Real Madrid was based on him becoming a "point guard" from the Rockets wanting it.

If I was a Real Madrid fan I would be so pissed off at the Rockets if that is true. And it would just wreck Spain's team if they move LLull in there also to PG with the national team.

Playing him at point guard is a real comedy when all he ever does is look to score.

The Rockets GM is a complete retard if that is true.
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