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Default Re: Driving the Lane

Originally Posted by I.Malcolm
I'm 5'10 150, so I'm a small guy and I play with some taller guys which isn't all a bad thing. After I got over my fear of contact and made the conscious decision to go THROUGH people (because before I was afraid of contact, but if you run at the guys I play with... they give up ground) I was able to drive better.
Good call. Basketball rules have long been set up greatly in favor of the offensive attacker in this regard. If an offensive player runs over someone standing still, it'll be a charge. And if an offensive player goes out of their way to intentionally elbow or kick the defender, it could be an offensive foul. Otherwise, it's nearly free reign for a player attacking the rim. If the defender is not standing still, it's fair game to attack them as hard as you want to.

Offensive players can dictate outcomes a lot more often than many think they can. It doesn't mean we're free to call defensive fouls every time we seek out contact and attack, but it does mean we shouldn't worry about having to try to avoid defenders all the time, as if they're a danger to us. Like you said, I think it's most effective when a player takes it to them (intelligently).

I suppose a lot of that type of attack might have to do with size though. I think it's a good frame of mind regardless though. Allowing the defender to come at you as opposed to you going at the defender is a real power shift.
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