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Default Re: Grinder any international prospects for 2012 draft?

Originally Posted by GOBB
Seems like this draft will be flooded with good ole fashion Americans. Curious if you were aware of any international prospects that may make a play into the first round or be worth a look 2nd rd.

Best international prospect is Jeffery Taylor from Sweden but I guess he doesn't really count because he played 4 years for Vandy. Probably a mid first rounder - 6'7" lockdown defender at the 3 spot, elite athlete, can knock down open 3s.

As for "true" international prospects, Evan Fournier is probably the only one that has a chance to go first round. He's had a great season in France and is a legit 6'7" wing with a lot of talent and good ball skills.

As Maga said, Nedovic and Satoransky could get drafted in the second round, both are really athletic but don't have a true position and haven't had the best seasons. I think Furkan Aldemir (Turkey) and Tornike Shengelia (Georgia) are better NBA prospects. Both have played and seen significant minutes at a high level in the Euroleague and are ready to contribute right away.

Aldemir doesn't do much offensively but he's a hustler, excellent rebounder, pretty athletic, and could potentially be a Taj Gibson type player if he can get a jumper.

Shengelia really impressed me in the European championships. He's a 6'9" combo forward, really athletic, rebounds well, and has a decent looking jumper. He can slash pretty well and shows a lot of intriguing traits. His game needs to be refined though and he plays in a below average league. I like his potential the most out of everyone except for Fournier in this group.

There's this Bosnian kid, Nihad Djedovic, who's pretty good too. He's a pure scoring wing and can fill it up quickly. I don't think he's got enough exposure to get drafted though. Could see him in the NBA a few years down the line as a free agent.
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