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Default Re: Grinder any international prospects for 2012 draft?

Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
I agree NBA has bad international scouts but Papanikolau probably had best game of his carear so you cant blame them for not noticing him , how old is he ? I had a felling he is 24 or 25 , can he be drafted ? When Keselj played for Serbian NT he showed that he has potential to be one of the best 3 point shooters in the world but he cant create space for himself . This season he improved his defense and his ball handling , hd was always great athleate . Everyone that knows something aboute basketball know that Spanoulis and Teodosic are great players and you dont even have to be a basketball fan to see that . Where did you find this information ?

Papanikoloau is 21.

Well, according to 95+% of this forum, Spanoulis and Teodosic are among the world's worst players.

The info is from a European scout (he works for the European clubs scouting in Greece and Italy) that was at the final four, and was talking to 2 NBA scouts and getting the word on what all the NBA scouts were talking about.

Keselj was an epic disaster last year and at the start of this year. What happened was that he was going to clubs and partying and was not focusing on his training.

The owners of Olympiacos and Ivkovic fined him, put him out of the playing rotation and came down on him pretty hard. Supposedly he was told that his big contract was going to be voided if he did not start behaving professionally. And, with how he had played, no one was giving him the money he makes in Olympiacos.

Ever since then, he started training, focusing, and not going to the clubs to party. By no coincidence, he started playing much better. He was playing really good defense and making good athletic plays, and hitting timely 3 pointers.

The problem is he just can't do much on offense except dunk or shoot 3s. I hope he keeps from the partying, because he can be a really nice player going forward. We know what he can do from EuroBasket and FIBA World Cup.

But evidently, he has had maturity issues. He's supposedly on his very last chance from Ivkovic.

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