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Default Re: Greek Basket League Finals: Panathinaikos Vs. Olympiacos

Originally Posted by Grinder
Yep. They've got a great supporting cast. Printezis has been excellent and without him, they would have had no chance in EL. Also shows how much Spanoulis has been overrated by the media and his fans.

PAO will bounce back I'm sure. The series is far from over.

Yep, not even close to the best team in Europe ever unless someone just started watching basketball this year.

You also guaranteed that Olympiacos would beat PAO when Childress and Kleiza were there. Like I told you then, they had NO chance in hell.

You also guaranteed that Olympiacos of 2010 would beat Barca in the finals. Again, I told you were an idiot. Never once do you ever admit you are wrong.

Just like now, you are wrong as usual. Olympiacos will win the series, even with the refs against them.

You never watch these games, you just look at box scores.

You guaranteed before the season that Olympiacos could not make the Top 16.

You also said that Printezis was a scrub and "horrible" when I said he would be on Greece's team in 2012. And you said Greece was desperate if a scrub like him would be selected. There is no end to your trolling and hypocrisy.

You are nothing but a troll and an instigator.

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