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Default Mock Draft Game 2012

It's back for the 4th straight year.

Here's how it works...

1. Each participant will submit a full first round mock to me by 30 mins before 1st pick. You will get 3 points for a correct pick, 2 for being 1 slot off, and 1 for being 2 slots off. 3 or more slots off receives 0 points.

2. Posters will submit mocks by PM to prevent copying. I will post my own in this thread by the deadline.

3. Will take up to 12 mocks for the game.'re getting points for the pick, not for matching the team to the player. If you have Team A choosing a player at pick 5, and they trade back and select said player at pick don't get those points.

Scoring example...You're mock is...

1. Anthony Davis
2. Drummond
3. Beal
4. Rivers
5. Robinson
6. MKG
7. Barnes

And the real draft is...

1. Davis
2. Jeremy Lamb
4. Drummond
5. Beal
6. Robinson
7. Barnes

That's 3 pts each for Davis and Barnes. 2 points for Robinson, 1 pt each for Beal and Drummond. Rivers and MKG would receive 0 pts.

Also it's just the 1st round. If you have a player at 30 and he's selected at 31 or 32 in the 2nd points.

Who's in?
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