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Default Re: Thomas Robinson Predraft Workout

Originally Posted by Rowe
Thats primarily why he's been received so highly among NBA scouts is that he's an ultra-competitor on the floor who plays with a lot of emotion. Destroying Andre Drummond isn't really a surprising thing considering Drummond doesn't play with as much intensity in-game, let alone in a workout session where his performance doesn't really matter as much.

However, I really have some concerns about how his attitude will carry over after he becomes a professional and losing games becomes just as consistent as the paychecks. This is a guy who has gotten himself in trouble since HS and even in college off the court, although most of that has been put on the side as his tragic family situation became the story to define him. I've seen a lot of "hard working", "blue collar" type of intense college players become lackadaisical NBA players once they get their paychecks.

Charlotte would probably be the worst possible situation for him considering they're a Franchise desperately looking for a "superstar". I couldn't even tell you right now if Thomas Robinson should start over Biyombo at PF, although if he does go that high such an opportunity will be thrown on him without any sort of work.

But definetly draft night will be interesting.

I personally think he's going to be the odd man out in that Top 4.

Pretty much agree with your post aside from the bolded part. These workouts really should mean a hell of a lot more to these guys than a random regular season basketball game.

The difference in the pay scale between going, say, No. 4 to the Cavs and dropping to the bottom half of the lottery is huge. There are millions of dollars on the line and, at least in the Cavs' case, there is a lot of stock put into how these guys look against other top prospects in a setting that the franchise can control to try to spot weaknesses.

One of the biggest reasons that Tristan Thompson was taken No. 4 overall last year was because he completely out-performed Derrick Williams in several workouts. If these guys think that these pre-draft workouts don't mean much, they have been misled somewhere along the way.

These are the most important moments in their careers up to this point, from a perspective of making a living playing basketball. If you look like garbage, your stock can plummet. Drummond had a real chance to get into the Top 4... Even as high as No. 2 with good workouts and interviews. Instead, most mocks now have him between 7-10.

Millions of dollars have potentially been lost.
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