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Originally Posted by pegasus
1. Nowitzki (by faaaaaar)
2. Gasol (still not tough enough dough)
3. Okur (had a breakout season last year)
4. Kirilenko (could go up this year if he manages to stay healthy)
5. Stojakovic (still one of the best shooters)
6. Hedo (should've been higher given his all-around talent)
7. Parker (not a big fan of him, always melts down in play-offs)
8. Milicic (not that he earned this spot, but watch out for him this year)
9. Bargnani (has a lot to prove this year and he has the potential to do so)
10. Jaric (best looking guy in this top10, that's why he got this spot )

i would take diaw over hedo, Jaric and Barganani.
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