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Default Re: Free Agency Thread

Haha thanks man...just saw this, not super thrilled at having Antawn Jamison as a starting PF or moving Gerald to that position, unless it means having Joe Johnson at SF and Brooks at SG, but then our bench sucks even more.

Unrestricted FA Kris Humphries is unlikely to re-sign with the Nets for the upcoming season.
His price tag will simply be too high after averaging a double-double over the last two seasons, which has to be considered one of the most surprising statistics in the league over that time period. Sam Amico is reporting that the only way the Nets will sign Humphries is in order to trade him to another team. The Nets are a little thin at PF right now, but are still trying to land Antawn Jamison, signed rookie Mirza Teletovic and veteran Reggie Evans, and can also use Gerald Wallace at PF occasionally. Jul. 12 - 8:57 am et 80&spln=1
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