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Default Re: Lakers considering running Princeton-style offense

Originally Posted by DKLaker
You couldn't run a pure Princeton offense in the NBA, it wouldn't work at all, it's too time consuming/ major clock eater plus it requires too much useless running around by the bigs, this risks taking them away from the boards. Unless you tweaked the hell out of it's not going to be of any help. This was designed a very very long time ago before shot clocks were invented and is used in leagues now with either no shot clock or 35 sec clock.......not the NBA 24 sec. Having you big center run around is a detriment to a team more than it helps, he'll get tired among other things.

Simple pick & roll stuff is best.

It amazes me that Brown really is completely in the dark when it comes to offense, you would think he would've learned a thing or two by now.....but no, clueless and searching for anything.........meanwhile asst coaches are bailing on him.
I hope he just lets Nash and Kobe design the offense to their preference while Brown just sits back and takes notes......this is a great opportunity for him to learn.

Pick N Roll is best if players are going to move around. Im sure Nash changes this on the lakers. Everyone must get involved and "force" the offense to work.

If they were going to run princeton stuff, why not just the triangle

Too similar of an offense if you ask me. But I do like Pick N Roll best as well. Something like Jerry Sloan's offense.
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