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Default Re: Curtis Mayfield is the greatest songwriter ever.

Originally Posted by L.Kizzle
It's not even a white thing.

He's better than Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson (you said Smoke was better, Smoke is not nearly as deep as Curtis), Sly Stone, Sam Cooke, James Brown ect all great black songwriter who most put over Mayfield without a blink.

Bobby Womack is another criminally underrated brother in the singer/songwriter mold as is Willie Hutch and Joe Tex.

Curtis just writes great music, his messages are very deep and his love is strong and he can get you on the dance floor.
I like Smokey better. Universal and timeless is, at least, equivalent to deep, while being more impressive. They will play Smokey in a hundred years from now. His phrasing and hook is great. He falls in plain love and has a lot of healing in his music. While I give Curtis respect, he is moreso mental than he is poetic, and music, by nature, will always sway you more than convince you. And Smoke could pull you in with a woman, a man, a man group or a woman group singing the poetics. He saw the layers and value of the voice with music. People who don't understand English sing Smokey because his melodic flow is beyond the language. He was really complete.
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