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Default Re: Ask 2 Knowledgable Blazer Announcers Anything (Mike & Mike)

Originally Posted by Freedom Kid7
I asked one of you a couple of questions in the other thread, but I do have one more:
-Throughout all the players you've seen in a Blazers uniform, who did you like the most on the court? Off the court?

Great question. After some thought, I must say that my favorite Blazer on and off the court is definitely Brandon Roy. When I see him, it brightens my day because I know he will bring passion, commitment, honesty, and loyalty to this organization. He is an extremely hard worker that inspires not only his teammates but the Portland fans. He holds various community services to help teach the younger citizens how to grow up to be a better person and he has the aura to help the poor people feel rich. Not only that, but he has been a great influence on not only my self and my broadcast partner, Mike Barrett, but also my family. In short, he makes everyone around him better, happier, makes them enjoy life, and that is what life is all about.
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