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Originally Posted by KDTrey5
u said i was lyin, and u said "stop acting like u from okc"
so i just clarified that u were wrong

lakers look good on paper, but havent done shit yet. they getting older, dwight just came off surgery. dont jump the gun till they start playing.

haha. now im a bandwagon fan? im been a KD fan since he was a rookie.
west-durant-green-wilcox was my squad. i was fckin with them when they werent shit. even if kd takes a turn like tmac, ima still root for my boy. so stop talkin outta ya ass boy

You'se a simple mfer...."your team" hasn't done squat yet either, franchise still isn't shit if the BULLS ain't shit (which they are, top 3 franchise in the league, #1 in attendance, GOAT PLAYER, 2nd BEST dynasty run).

I went to all the celebrations in Grant Park, went to the old Chicago Stadium, been to the UC, been rooting for them since I can remember being.

You ain't no real fan, you're a metro-sexual young punk with a crush on Kevin Durant.

Get off his jock and be a real man for once (if you are a man)....rep yourself Mr. KDTrey5....or sit down and behave like the BOY you are and don't address grown men.
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