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Default Re: Anyone else excited for college ball? REP YOUR SQUAD HERE!

Originally Posted by Burgz V2
Withey should be all conference at the very least. He is extremely mobile for a 7-footer, surprised me in the tourney last year.

If Isaiah Austin is the real deal they might be a problem for KU, otherwise I agree, Bill Self's got another great team on his hands this year

Withey will be All American, and will challenge the record for blocks in a single season. Johnson will be All Conference at least and possibly AA. McLemore probably All Conference too, and a lottery pick if he plays to his potential.. And lol, Baylor will not be a problem at all, Scott Drew negates whatever talent he has on his bench simply by being Scott Drew.

Originally Posted by SourPatchKids
Kansas will be playing Ohio state and Michigan State as part of their non-conference schedule. So we'll see.

We don't lose at home, and we just beat Ohio State in the Final 4, and they lost some key pieces, and didn't do that much to replace it. I think we take both these games, but if we drop one, it'll be against the Buckeyes.
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