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Default Re: Is Godzuki the BIGGEST Loser on ISH?

I respect your post, Godzuki.
Sure, I still don't agree with alot of stuff but you probably feel the opposite regarding my stuff.

The reason why I mentioned your "beefs" (still feels nerdy to call internet insults as beefs..) with Niko, Raz, GOBB etc. was because RRR3 has been on your dick lately for some reason and he came here trying to call me out for the nonsense between you and me and he acted like you're some saint and that I'm stalking and trying to argue with you everywhere.

I actually left these silly "beefs" in the OTC for a good while and you know it, but you kept mentioning me and and trying to diss me in plenty of threads and that's why I came back, which was a really stupid move.

The whole thing is just nonsense anyway, that's why I left for some time as well. I mean, silly internet "beefs" where everyone disses everyone for everything while we actually don't know crap about each other, it's just beyond childish. I feel more embarrassed that I have wasted so much time on crap like this now, it's not an intelligent thing to waste your time on when you're 22 like me, and I guess that you're probably 10 years older than me so you've been wasting your time just as much as me and I bet you feel that it was a pure waste of time as well. Right?

Anyway, keep doing your thing if you enjoy it, I won't take part in any silly internet beefs like this anymore. I'm not trying to tell you to stop "beefing" either, but I guess that you probably feel that this is pure waste of time as well. But if you really enjoy "calling me out" or mentioning my nick you're welcome to do so, but just so you know, I won't reply anymore.
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