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Default Re: 2012-13 EC regular season prediction game

Originally Posted by Chamberlain
The Nets are definitely a mystery of a team, but with health....


They aren't the deepest team, but if they could add another 3 point threat to their bench, I think they're in a pretty favourable position going forward.

This +1

I think they are too good to miss the playoffs - I think this team will need time to gel - find floor space for each other - determine where those open looks are.

Mostly vets so 20 games will do it... but i wont be surprised by a few bone head losses to Raptors Cavs etc.

I think Dwil is fine although there are hints of dwightmare in his should I stay or go....Joe does take DEFENCE breathers second half.... but he has more if older talent to snap him out of it.
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