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Default Re: Has anybody floated from stardom to role player more gracefully than VC?

Originally Posted by macpierce
I wanted to comment on this thread earlier but here it is

Does anybody remember the 2010 Eastern Conference Finals? The Magic lost to the celtics and after the series vince was on the court smiling and laughing with nate robinson and co...............****ing pathetic. I would never want that piece of shit on my team taking losing like it's something he expected

I think there's a thin line there. If a player's goofing around during a game and clearly not invested because he just doesn't care, then we have a problem. However, when the game ends, the game ends. The truth is, winning is not life or death. Some people remain pissed about losing for days after. Some people are upset until morning. Others understand they lost, have accepted defeat, but force themselves to appear very upset, and more still can be gracious toward those of whom they've just been defeated.

I honestly don't find it terribly difficult to separate the intensity and severe will to compete from the rest of my life. I hate the people I play against while we're actually playing, then even after an especially heart-wrenching loss, I can still acknowledge the competition is over and if the people I was playing against were my friends before, they'll remain my friends after. Even if I don't know my competition, I'll still respect them. When that game ends, we step back to real life. So in that regard, Vince Carter is not the first person to acknowledge and accept defeat after a game has ended and he won't be the last.

I do not even recall the incident in question, but only because the post-series handshakes always seem to contain a slight mix of dejection, but also a significant amount of players who are actually friends with one another wishing each other well as they moved on (or perhaps making plans for later). Perhaps unfortunately for some fans, the "battle" of an NBA game is not as serious as we wish it were. At the end of the day, these guys are all still fellow millionaire co-workers who often have ties much stronger than that of their current organization. Opposing players do not go through their careers hating everyone that does not play for their team or refusing to smile unless they win the championship and whatnot.

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