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Default Re: Has my jump shot form improved, and any critiques on my new form or dribbling?

Watched 5 months and now. I like it up to the point. The release is good for me, but you are obviously struggling bringing the ball up to the shooting position. It was apparent some time ago, still is now. You have to work on it, make it a fast, smooth, near-the-body motion. Right now I'd strip you 8 times out of ten just going into the shot.
The release looks really good but one thing: the wrist is somewhat going here and there in the different stages of the shot. It looks you almost try using left hand, then moving off of it and it messes the whole thing up. You must shoot as you only shooting with your main hand, the other does nothing but hold the ball in the position. Try shooting solely using your right hand, just practise that motion. Then you wrist would always be underneath the ball, and you would have gotten that part straight.

It looks good, but you're missing on quite a few. Basically, one must first try to make them, then make making them appear in a specific way. Kinda backwards to learn shooting form without learning making buckets. Don't forget that also...
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