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Default Re: Has my jump shot form improved, and any critiques on my new form or dribbling?

Originally Posted by Permodius
So I've been shooting around the past two days and put into practice all of the advice I was given here. I particularly experimented on the way I brought the ball up. Honestly I was off when making that video and I think when I bring the ball up, it is usually aligned better and comes up without much left or right motion. I tried to make my shot more fluid or more of a quick release, but this would put too much power in my shot and I had to alleviate the added power by doing a combination of adding more arc to the shot and using less knees. Is having a quick release/ more fluid shot really worth me losing my elevation, or are there ways that I can have my shot be one fluid motion while still having elevation?

Another way I tried to experiment with bringing up my shot pocket was by having my form set perfectly when it was in the shot pocket (L shape elbow, spread fingers, cocked wrist, and forearm parallel to the floor). The problem was, that to maintain my form when bringing up my shot pocket I would have to stiffen it while I was in the air until I reached near the peak of my jump, then I would push and follow through. Shot my shot chamber (Point before release) really have to be stiff for me to keep the form? I have also been experimenting with my guide hand placement (I have tried guide hand on top of ball and guide hand elbow out, but most do not feel consistent as sometimes my guide hand collides with my shooting hand and I know that should not be), any tips on that too?

you should be strong not stiff

stiffening when you are practicing is just for emphasis. you are trying to build muscle memory so that your body naturally remembers how you should shoot. you have to shoot a number of shots a certain way, the same way in order to do this. once you are in the games you dont have time to consciously think about locking your wrist or keeping an L in your elbow. Just keep practicing that way and when you go to play, just play and you should see results.

guide hand placement is not really that important but can be extremely important if you are doing it wrong. practice range shooting (shoot from in front of the rim, take two steps back every 5 made shots) but with one hand. when your range is maxed out go to the front of the rim again and put your guide hand into your shot and you'll actually have a better idea of where you can put your hand without bothering your shot.
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