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Default Re: NBA will penalize flopping from now on, confirmed today

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
. This is what I'm talking about. People keep seeing flopping as the big issue and taking their focus off biased and poor reffing. If players get the right calls I doubt they just flop for the hell of it (at least most players). A lot of players get away with a lot of shit.

People need to stop saying Griffin. Despite Griffin leading the NBA in points in the paint and taking more flagrants than anybody in the game Dwight Howard averaged about DOUBLE the free throw attempts per game. This is WITH Griffin's increased flopping which Howard doesn't do. Bottom line is refs don't like Griffin and they make him pay. Dwight yells AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYE!!!! every time up the court and gets rewarded for it.

Griffin didn't flop in his rookie year really and it's because he got more calls. He dropped 2 free throw attempts per game this year, probably because he annoys refs which is wrong. Enforce the game's rules for EVERYBODY.

He gets flagrant fouled because players don't like flopping cry baby bitches that only stand up to point guards, I remember when Andre miller pushed his ass cause he kept trying to punk point guards and griffin was scared as fk, fake tough guy
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