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Default Re: Royce White: Releases Statement - Wants Private Bus At Times

Originally Posted by C-Webb4
Ok fair enough. And I wasn't saying there is a blanket cure that works for everyone by the way. All I was saying is that some see a "cure" in a different way than others. My mother has anxiety issues too and she doesn't do any therapy. She takes anxiety meds and has done so for about the past 15 years. They do help her to feel mellowed out and lower her stress levels but if she ever can't take her pills or runs out or for any reason misses a dose, her anxiety levels are significantly higher than they were without the pills. So at it's core, the "cure" lies in facing your fears and retraining your brain into how to handle it when your symptoms arise. I'm not just pulling this out of my ass or stating what has worked or not worked for me, it's scientific fact, it's been tested.
Your mothers 'anxiety' didn't become worse when she ran out of meds.. Its the fact that the drugs are so potent that she started immediately feeling the withdrawal symptoms.

withdrawal from any substance will give you headaches, the shakes, and depending on the specific case can get quite severe.

A lot of people get added anxiety simply by dropping caffeine cold turkey.. So one can only imagine with SSRI type meds.

If you stop the meds suddenly instead of progressively tapering off.. You will feel anxiety (and even panic attacks) much worse than your original problem. You end up in a highened state of anxious neurosis.

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