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Default Re: And now Miami have a quality 6th man

Ok, I'm have ask the reasonable members of ISH to stop underrating Ray Allen and overrating Battier/Miller/etc...those guys are not and I don't remember a time where they have ever been near Ray Allen's level of shooting....ever.

I honestly think dude will average over 11 ppg with ease. He's going to get the most space he's ever had and it will be up to him, the greatest three point shooter of all time, to hit relatively easy shots. Now I am not saying that he's going to be wide open in the corner camping, but I don't how defenses are going to keep a man on him while keeping Bosh/Bron and Wade in check. That's just too much in my opinion. You have to give up something and Ray shooting with late contests will be a regular thing.

Realistically, he will have slumps, but what's yin without the yang? Dude will also have moments, not just singular games mind you, where he will be unstoppable. A couple of 20+,25+ nights where he will remind of his past days and how great of a shooter he is and was.

Great pickup and if I was Spo, I'm definitely playing lineups with Bosh at center and Bron at PF in the 4th quarter.

I cannot wait to see a lineup like this:


down the stretch. That would be SICK.
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