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Default Re: Bledsoe Blocks Another Forward With Authority

Originally Posted by COnDEMnED
Worried? Absolutely not. You aren't a threat to me personally. Nobody on the internet is a threat to anyone. If anything I feel sorry for you, and thats the truth. I used to be entertained by your fanatical mind frame for the first few years I knew of your existance, kinda like Bruce Blitz. Its grown tiresome and predictable. I recall an argument between you and I several years ago where you state you were just as much a Lakers fan as a Clippers fan. You're a more prominant poster on this forum than I, lead by example. As you can tell I haven't but a handfull of posts here for having been a member for several years, there's a reason for that. The same reason I don't post on the other Lakers forums anymore. I've come to realize a great majority of Lakers fans arent Lakers fans at all. Therefore, it's not worth my time. You were born in 86? My best advice to you, go live your life. Go outside, meet a girl(boy?), make some friends. You're wasting away your life on the interent talking about what Blake Griffins morning stool smelled like. Im older than you and I've just wasted 5 minutes talking to you. Im going out to my patio, with my dog and my beer. Were going to sit there and watch the squirrels play in the trees. Were going to listen to some music. These next 5 minutes will be put to some good use.

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