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Default Re: Fire Mike Brown!!!!!!

Im gonna ask to either make this, or the other thread for Mike Brown priority. One more Mike Brown thread and I begin to have to either lock, or delete...or whatever you get the picture.

Noone should have expected to see this team come out and play like they've been together for years. Because they haven't.

They had a good first half, melted in the second half.

lets look at some of these problems of what happened in the game.

1) Free throw shooting. If you think this wasn't a problem, then there's an even bigger problem lol. No one player should ever go 3/14. Psychologically that can change the momentum of the game.

The more missed free throws and dry spells that happened, it gave Dallas more time to figure things out.

2) The defense was terrible. I actually am sad to have to say this, but Bynum was a much stronger inside presence than Dwight. You can see Curry and Brand, two big guys, giving Dwight a hard time. We knew to expect this. They're just going to have to figure something else out.

Im not saying coaching great. There were great moments and there were bad moments. the bad moments unfortunately happened in the second half. Did we get outcoached? ABsolutely. Carlisle is a great coach, with great new players.

Anyways one last time im asking. No more MB threads. Thanks.
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