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Default Heat need a decent center bad

Clippers,lakers, pacers, rockets, nuggets, grizzles,spurs and even the Knicks playing well are gonna give them major problems on the defensive end. bosh might be doing a decent job with help defense but it messes up rotations and causes all types of negatives. theyre gonna win 55+ games probably but as a heat fan I'm worried. they better pickup a decent big man for when the game slows down or they're not getting by lakers, and defiantly not the grizzles or clippers . Do they think bosh will really play center if they met grizzles in the finals?? It's very possible and so are a couple other scenarios .I cant see why they're banking on playing this way all the way through the playoffs..I know it worked last years playoffs, but you have teams that have gotten better out there (out west)now that will make you pay for playing small ball.
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