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Default Re: Halo 4 and Halo CE anniversary edition announced

As I mentioned earlier in this thread, I've never played the Halo I am deciding to play them all. I'm going to play them in the order in which they were released and not in the chronoligical order. So I tracked down all the games, some new, some used. I put in my fresh new copy of Halo CE Anniversary and I get an unreadable disc error. I cleaned the "new" spotless disc...nothing. Tried to install it and it doesn't complete the install. So I returned it and now I have to wait for another copy to get shipped to me. I was so looking forward to some sci-fi shooting action. I've never had this problem. Apparently some of the Halo discs cause this problem on older systems. I'm just gonna move on to the Walking Dead episode 5 and Ghost Recon Future Soldier in the meantime.

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