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Default Re: Marc Stein: Wolves offer Pekovic+Derrick Williams Package for Pau

Originally Posted by hawkfan
Because the Hornets don't have anyone else.
Eric Gordon hasn't played one game, and Davis isn't a scorer.

Anderson is a good player, but Gasol is far better.
But Anderson has youth on his side, which Gasol doesn't have.

I get why the Hornets wouldn't want to trade him - he's young, they are building a locker room culture with young guys, he's happy there, he's a good fit long term team-wise and skill-wise.

But to call him untouchable is a joke.

Gasol is a better fit in Minnesota. If I were Minny, no way would I trade Pekovic. No way.

The Lakers are probably going to have to bite the bullet and keep Gasol for the next 2 years.

he's the best 3pt shooter in the league. he is at least average or above average in his low post finishing, low post defense, and most importantly is a smart player. he didn't even start for the Hornets and initially didn't always get a full 30+ min's either but they realized he's their best player.

Pau is so mentally weak its not even funny. dude makes all of these excuses for his poor play, and then after 2 days of rest and a kobe callout declares himself fully healthy

altho i do agree with the Lakers approach to wait and see how Pau and Nash play together and if its not working out then trade his ass.
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