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Default Re: Bulking Up for Basketball?

i wouldn't do P90x if i were you, you might end up more muscular but not necessarily stronger.

putting on good weight for basketball is tough because basketball is a sport that causes us to lose a relatively large % of your body mass (1-2%) every time we play. You can be in the gym all you want, at the end of the day its what you are eating. I know that sounds very cliché but its true.

first off, how old are you (if you dont wanna say your age, are you in HS, college etc.). Sometimes younger players take time to develop. I could never put any muscle on my arms, but as I progressed through college they naturally started to fill out so dont worry about it.

the one exercise that really put a lot of muscle on my arms and upper body in general is wide-grip pull-ups. if you can only do 2 or 3 at first, dont worry, i couldnt even do 1 at first lol. Just work at it, eventually if you can do it weighted, i GUARANTEE that you'll be a lot stronger in no time.

dont overtrain as well. mix up the intensity of your workouts, you have to allow your body to recover from the more intense workouts. I usually go

Monday (hard)
Tuesday (easy)
Wednesday Off
Thursday (medium)
Friday (intense)
Weekends OFF

then the next week i switch up which days i do the more intense workouts. This way im always confusing my body and it never has a chance to adjust, making every workout, even the easy ones, kind of difficult. This is just an example, if you play ball with a team I'd only do one intense workout and make sure there are two full days rest between the intense workouts and games. Try not to workout on gamedays, but if you must, do bodyweight exercises like pull ups and core work

hope i helped
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