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Default Re: rim jumps increase vertical?

Originally Posted by miggyme1
Wow a 36 inch vertical?

I bet u can dunk from all over the court! Windmills,reverses,between the legs,tomahawks

Nope, at the time I was really into lifting weights but didn't play basketball at all. I could grab the rim but could never dunk. I know your being sarcastic but my comment wasn't meant to sound braggy I was just saying (but not very clearly) that jumping is somewhat overrated. When my vertical was at it's highest I was a gym (weight room) rat with on a really good diet. Now I am a good bit older, don't lift as hard or as heavy and am carrying some extra body fat but I think I am a better player now. Not great just better than I was. Having a decent vertical didn't help me that much because I have a pretty short wingspan and an overall reach of less than 7.5 feet.

Players today seem to only be worried about how high they jump and how far out they can shoot
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