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Default Re: The Official No Fap 2013 Challenge

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
Call me a Rain-Dancin' Dr. Doolittle Squanto Desert Jungle nikka Crazy Savage Irrational DogmatiC Cook, but I SWEAR that

after I didn't fap for10 days..

my baby cousins literally shove their way past the other relatives to play with me and or sit on my lap and stare at my skin
whenever I play with dogs they literaly obey me (never had a dog don't know anythng abut the stuff cesar milan offers)
got really close to a squirrel the other day no problem it didn't move or be anything
people of all types seem to initiate more talk with me EXCEPT for masculine looking dudes who are sorta defensive (dead serious)

Maybe it's a palcebo effect.. but whatevs. It's one I'm willing to take.

Not only am I not going to not fap this year. Iam also going to
- take 5 minute ice cold showers daily
- be AS genuine and nice as possible to as many people as I nkow irl without being a creep. go out of my way to help others out, say something kind, help otheres network, challenge people to be their best, make friends, volunteer at soup kitchens etc. without being one of those goody two shoe *******s who brag about how generous they are.
- train extra hard for December
- work more, play more, stop spending time with scoundrels and scallywags.
- get rid of all the trash at my place that I don't need and live a minimalist type lifestyle
- aim to meditate 20 minutes 2X a day and sleep 4-6 hours
- allow myself to eat only 3-5 hours a day in the late afternoon/evening with lots of dark leafy greens, egg whites, almonds, cruiferous veggies, sweet potatoes, veggie proteis makin the bulk of it.

These are the lifestyle habits that lead to V.I.T.A..L.I.T.Y, which is something I want to attain and help others attain.

There are four other principles but thsoe will come later.

Just feeling good, feeling lively, having a high libido, eeling youthful, hiking, diggin nature, breathing, dancing, expressing yourself, laffin, bein comfortable with errbody all that stuff.

good luck guys!

A few questions for ya:

1) What's the point of taking 5 minute cold showers?
2) shouldn't you be sleeping more than 4-6 hours daily?
3) why you be messing with squirrels dawg?
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