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Default Any males here have their ears pierced? Would you?

Hey ISH. I have a few questions. Do you have your ears pierced? When did you get them pierced? Do you regret it? Would you get them pierced? Does it affect you getting a job in the long run?

I'm 20, I never got my ears pierced. But, lately I've been feeling like I should get them pierced. I want them for myself because I want a new look. My family is against that for males, which is half the reason why I never got them done. But, I'm 20 now and I can do what I want.

Curious to know, should I get them pierced, if so, will it leave a MARK on my ear lobe if I do decide to GET RID OF THEM later on? I don't want to leave a permanent mark.

Like I said, I'm debating. Plus, another reason why, is because I believe my girlfriend probably deep down inside wants me to get them done even though she's so called against it. I feel like more girls are into this in males, and perhaps it's just trending? I just want to add a new look on without marks in the long run.
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