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Default Re: Why I'm still not sold on this team

Originally Posted by franchize
I guess my issue...well not issue but question with the original topic is... What are we supposed to be sold on? The Knicks being legit? The Knicks being a title contender? The Knicks being as good as they seem? The Knicks being a playoff team? The Knicks being different from last year? Maybe if I knew what expectation we were referring to, I'd get the original premise of this topic even better because my answer to each one of those questions differ. For instance, I think we are legit but I don't think we will compete for a title this year.
I don't expect us to compete for the title either.

Sold on what ? Sold on us being a good playoff team that will advance all the way to the ECF and at least put up a fight against Miami.

I'm still not confident we can do it. Team looks too mentally weak and we aren't really that more talented than other teams in the East besides Miami.
Heat were also mentally weak in their 1st year but they were so much more talented than anyone else in the East that they made it all the way to the Finals.
I don't think that's the case with the Knicks so that mental weaknesses can be deadly in the playoffs.

Damn it,I'm not even sure we can go out of the 1st round. Depends on who we play against. I'm pretty confident we could beat Indiana,Milwaukee,Atlanta or Philly. I think we could beat Brooklyn too.
But if we meet Chicago or Boston in the 1st round it will be tough to advance. They play hard and are able to get into our heads.

So,here are my questions:
a) Are you confident the Knicks can get out of the 1st round no matter who they play against (excluding Miami,we won't meet in the 1st round unless something weird happens) ?
b) Do you think the Knicks can go all the way to the ECF and at least put up a fight against Miami ?
c) What would need to happen for you to call our season a success ?
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