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Default Re: InsipeHoops Survivor 2013: Vote Off the Biggest Troll

Originally Posted by pauk
And which are those? Give me just one example.... just one... try... and you will see that only you will get exposed yet again...

These false impressions of me by you and your sour Kobetard possy is just a desperate way to try and get back at me because i constantly partypoop your trolling/delusional Kobe jockstrap hanging Lebron loathing statements with only logic, reason and facts....

I am an active poster here and i wont stop stiring the pot with you and correct your incorrect, delusional statements.... with the ridicilous things you and your Kobetard friends say such as kobe143, ripthekik, nick young, tpols, heavincent, alphawolf24, mr jabbar, 9erempire, kennethgriffin and so on and so on (who funny enough almost all those names have less "troll" votes than me here and many who are not even listed, such as yourself)... its very easy to expose you considering the dung your braincells cause your mouth to express... call me a troll how much you ever want because of it, but you know deep down inside who is the cretin......

Posters like me make a trolls life miserable here due to this constant retaliation of logic, reason & facts which makes you look like a fool as you are not allowed to throw your statements you love such as "Kobe > Jordan" or "Lebron sucks" and so on... and thats the only reason i am not admired by the likes of you...
I already did on the other thread.

"Wade cost Lebron the championship in '11 Finals"
"There are 30 players better individually than Kobe all-time"
"Lebron didn't choke in the '11 Finals"

Feel free to tell me why I'm a troll
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