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Default Re: Building a Franchise: Kyrie Irving or Russell Westbrook

Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7
So since there's a lot of people supporting Irivng in this thread, I ask this same question again in the other thread:

Build a franchise: Derrick Rose (pre-injury) or Kyrie Irving ?

Irving easily. I will take Irving over anyone not named Durant or LeBron. Irving has already charted a journey of greatness that Derrick Rose will never touch.

1) His rookie season puts him statistically in the company of Guards like Chris Paul, Michael Jordan, Oscar Robertson and Magic Johnson.

2) During his sophmore year, he made the all-star team before age 21. This puts him in an elite group of 6 current and future Hall of Famers. (Bryant, James, Johnson, Garnett, Isiah, Shaq).

3) Irving has perhaps demonstrated the greatest offensive repertoire for a 20 year old. Realistically, he is one of the most complete offensive player in the NBA today. He can shoot, slash, finish and pass.

4) Irving is a number 1 pick. Statistically, out of the greatest NBA players, there is better position to be drafted than being first.

5) Irving has the mental aptitude, physical ability and the work ethic to go down as one of the greatest players in NBA history.

As this point, I would trade the entire Rockets roster for him.
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