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Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
OLY was in charge of time so it's their fault because they lost but against Besiktas it was clear that Siena is getting help .

Kirilenko did deserve to be MVP last season and it wasn't even close , everyone I know who follows EL expected that .

Euroleague did you hear that Bodiroga is going to be new president of FIBA Europe or is that only talked about in Serbia ?

Spanoulis should have been MVP last year, not Kirilenko. The Euroleague already admitted that Olympiacos did not mess the game clock and no one pushed anything.

According to the Turkish media that was at the game, the clock stopped because one of the refs accidentally hit his game clock button and stopped it.

Well, Bodiroga is being put in charge so that he will agree to all of the changes they made to EuroBasket. I really don't like having EuroBasket once every four years. But I do like that they are forcing the World Basket Cup to take precedence over the Olympics.

Hopefully, Bodi has better luck at this job than he did as a manager.
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