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Originally Posted by gabepizza
Yes you're right about that. It is important not to just look at stats. But for a forum like this stats are important. Watching players play is important but not as important as stats, awards and win/loss record. When it comes down to it fans opinions about who is good or not is just that, opinions and therefore arbitrary. Fans will say their favorite players are better than they really are. Stats, official awards and win/loss records do not lie and give an unbiased picture of different players.

I don't have time to actually watch every single NBA, Euroleague, FIBA, Eurocup, but I can watch highlights and analyze box scores to get an idea of how players are performing.

No you can't get the idea how player is performing just by watching stats or highlights and watching games is certanly more important .

Teodosic and Brown have the same apg but Teodosic is a lot better passer than Brown it's like comparing Nash and Rose but since the way they count assists in Europe is different you will never see how good of a passer is someone .

There are some players with high rpg who don't box out on defense so even though they have more rebounds than someone else who boxes out and let's his teammates get the rebounds it doesn't mean they are making their team better at rebounding .

Some players are worse at scoring than stats show becuase the way they play , if player A has 15 ppg it doesn't mean anything if he gets them by hitting open lay ups that player B is creating for him .

Someone might have a lot of TOs but it might not be his fault , maybe his teammates aren't moving well so he doesn't have someone to pass to .

Do you understand now why you need to watch games ?
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