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Originally Posted by gabepizza
Yes but who has time to watch every game.

And I don't agree about someone getting 15 ppg not meaning anything. Yes scoring 15 or one game perhaps but not for a whole season. If player A is getting 15 all the time by hitting wide open lay ups and his team is winning because of that, other teams are going to scout him and tell their players to be sure not to leave him open.

You don't need to watch every game but 5 or 6 games are enough to see how is someone playing .

Well if player A gets his points from open lay ups that are created by player B than you need to stop player B not player A but if player B is so good you can't stop him than you won't be able to stop player A .

Ofcourse there aren't any players that can score 15 ppg only by hitting open lay ups that someone else created for them but for example Krstic gets at least half of his points by Teodosic creating for him or Navarro only needs to be on the court and because of his scoring defense will need to concetrated at guarding him and his teammates will have couple of open opportunities so he basically created those chances for them .
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