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Default Re: You know What really "Grinds my gears?"

Originally Posted by (e)
As a Bulls fan, we can't win it all without Rose. But having Rose gives us a chance.

Bulls win their games with defense, rebounding, and having an unselfish team concept that is usually executed really well. But how many times have we seen Rose take over a close game in the 4th and lead Chicago to a victory? He's a closer, and you're drunk if you don't think he makes Chicago a much more complete team.

That is Bull Crap sir. Have they not been making clutch plays without him? Are they not on par to match or exceed last years record with out him? Did he make them a contender when Lebron put the clamps on him in the playoffs last year?

He is only there as the face of the team. Yeah he gets all the credit, but he is not the reason for their success.

The minute he gets back and does one reverse dunk you wil hear "THE CHICAGO BULLS ARE BACK!!!"

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