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Default Things We Have Done In Real Life That We Wouldnt Tell Anyone Else

The internet doesn't count....

-Once went to my friend's house party. Who happened to have a hot sister. She was out of town for some kind retreat. So at one point in the night I snuck in her room and beat off in her underwear drawer.
-Sold a bunch of high school kids baking soda thinking it was cocaine.
- Went to a party and saw an old friend from our high school days. She was about a 6 back than but worked her way to a 7.5. We end up talking for a few hours and going back to my apartment. Im about to go down on her but she has the nastiest smelling p.ussy ever. It smelled like a tuna fish sandwich that was sitting in a toilet for a week. Literally starting gagging and had to walk in the bathroom and compose myself. She left soon after. It got pretty awkward from there.
- I have a recurring dream where im in the middle of a graveyard beating off
-I had to house sit for a week for one of parent's friends. I proceeded to piss in all their plants just for the hell of it everyday.

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