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Default Re: Bargnani Trade Rumor Thread

Originally Posted by Toni
Just thought we could organize everything in one thread. So far from what I've heard;

1. Toronto sends Andrea Bargnani & John Lucas III to Chicago for Carlos Boozer & Nate Robinson

2. Toronto sends Andrea Bargnani to Philadelphia for Spencer Hawes & Nick Young
3. Toronto sends Andrea Bargnani to Charlotte for Ben Gordon

What would be the best situation for the Raptors? Are there any other rumours circulating that you have heard?

Best scenario out of these 3 scenarios. With Boozer you get an efficient big and he will give you at least 10 boards a game he also wont feel the pressure of performing being the third option on the court after Gay and Derozan.

Haven't seen enough of Spencer to be able to judge how he will perform on the raps. I know for a big he has a great outside shot but that's not what we need from him, that is what we are trying to get away from. Not really big on Nick Young and I don't think we need to add another wing to the already growing log jam we have.

And last Ben Gordon hell no undersized volume shooter and we send them a big makes no sense we don't address any of the weaknesses the Raps have already.
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