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Default Re: How do you play 21?

Originally Posted by Rake2204
Doesn't that more or less turn it into a glorified game of P.I.G., with most of the game just being everyone watching one person fire wide open spot-up jumpers? We put a cap on free shots so there will always be a significant amount of points a person must work for. If nothing else, it keeps the game active and flowing. Elsewise, as you said, without a limit a hot shooter's just going to turn things into his own personal shootaround.

well if you play with tips most likely you will miss and someone will tip it/dunk it in and you go to zero

it makes playing D more important too because if you know a guy is a good shooter you will most likely not let him score easily. If you play last person shoots plays D it wouldnt make sense to play make it take it on free shots, but if you play double/triple teams or whatever included then everyone will just gang up on him anyways. It actually makes it tougher because then everyone will play serious and then there will be more pressure on you to make your shots when it's your turn to shoot. And eventually, if the games get long, the shots will be harder because you'll be more tired, especially during the summer on a hot day or a gym that's not air conditioned
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