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Default Re: How good was Duncan's post game in his prime?

Originally Posted by magic14
I don't get to watch the Spurs much, but whenever I can catch a game almost all his points seem to come off of jump shots, running the floor, smart cuts, and good guard play. When he tries to post up it seems like 60-70% of the time it's that same fadeaway off the right shoulder. Has his post game declined or were these the shots he normally made in the past?

Duncan had literally every post move in the book. He used both hands. Right hook left hook fade away. And a nice drop step. It was nothing flashy but it was the most effective post game of his era not named Shaq because Shaq was pure power. But Duncan dominated as well just with skill, touch and strength just not as much strength as Shaq. Duncan also never forced anything and in my opinion is why he didn't score more than he could have, he was so hell bent on making the right play. Kicking it out to open teammates when the double came that he took shots away from himself. But in hindsight his unselfishness set the blueprint of why the Spurs probably are who they are.
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