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Default Re: My GF is getting too fat

Originally Posted by Kaspah
Man. You fcked up.

As the man you set the tone in the relationship.

I remind my girl probably once a week to stay fit. I don't let her eat junk food, and if we're out to eat she can have good food obviously, but I won't let her order soup, an appetizer, entree and dessert. I tell her how I don't tolerate that and won't have a fat girlfriend. It's in her head now.

i refuse to be one of those dudes in public with his girl, and she eats more than me, or just course after course of already super fat restaurant food. Females are tiny dude, all they need is a salad with some chicken in there. Anything else is over eating.

Girls want to look good for their men but if you ain't laying the law down or making her feel sexy, this is what happens.

Yea you are right, I slipped a bit. When you are in a relationship with someone for a long time, they are just like a blank slate to you. You don't really look at them; they are just like an object that you put your ***** in. I don't mean to sound like a douche about it, but I guess that's just my way of accepting her for who she is.

There were hints I should of picked up early on: she was very sensitive when she was gaining weight; she would cry and always ask me if I thought she was pretty and all this stuff and I would usually just shrug my shoulder without ever really looking at her. I know I should of noticed how much she was eating, but it never really crossed my mind HOW MUCH weight she was gaining. If we go to Jack in the Box, I would usually order a Jumbo Jack with 2 tacos and she would get an ultimate bacon cheeseburger combo (over 2,000 calories) and she would finish it faster than me and ask for one of my taco.

As a good man, I like to see my GF happy, and when she's eating she seems very happy.
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